“Every success requires a push which can only be attained through learning” – this line has been revolving in my mind since my Secondary education.

I have always been inclined to learn more. As a child, I was interested in learning different kind of things. While I was in the process of learning, I came across computers which intrigued me and eventually blew my mind. I used to think about the processing of a computer and the unfathomable feats it could perform in the blink of an eye. Upon going through various articles and blogs, I came to the conclusion that enrolling in a Bachelors program and choosing Computer Science as a major would the appropriate course of action to dive deep into the world of computers.

They say that the biggest prerequisite for brilliance is inclination towards learning. The inquisitives of human kind is the only reason for us evolving from the era of the wheel to the era of Computer Science. The meteoric rise of Computer Science and Engineering has always fascinated me so much that I fell in love with the world of bits and bytes. The seamless inventions in the world of technology never ceased to amaze me. For me, Computer Science is not just about programs and Data Structures. It is relevant to every single aspect of technological machinery from hardware to software. Pursuing my under graduation in Malla Reddy College of Engineering and Technology has exposed me well to some of the finest techniques in the field. I had the privilege of learning and practicing subjects such as Data Structures, Operating Systems, C, C++, and Java. I have acquired more practical exposure and experience through the projects I have done in my under graduation. The projects served as an effective incentive for me to gain an essence of various intricate technologies. I developed a Rental House portal as part of my Minor Project. The major goal of this project was to provide shelter for those in need. The users can look after their requirements which includes location, budget and other factors as mentioned on the website. They will be provided with the contact details of the broker who would be willing to provide them the aforementioned amenities.
Apart from the Minor project, my Major project is all about detecting cancer cells. This proved to be a herculean task as I had to collect clinical reports of various individuals from myriads of Government websites and calculate the probability of the existence of cancer cells based on the reports in order to curb further damage and shield the valuable future of the individuals. I graduated in 2019 with a CGPA of 6.21.

When I recap my undergraduate program which lasted for 4 fun years, I cannot help but think of the fact that I made the most of my riveting experience. My first stint at programming arrived when I decided to create a short quiz using C++. As a sophomore, I participated in a plethora of competitions, quizzes and cultural events. My contribution to the ESPIRITO 2K18 event is noteworthy in every possible way since I coordinated the event with great enthusiasm. I could only think of my proclivity for solving complex problems with a very intuitive approach. In fact, studying Mathematics and Physics back in Secondary School assisted me in approaching a problem with precise analytical ability.

As I considered my alternatives for post graduate studies, the Information Security Management course at Fanshawe College has caught my attention for various reasons. The inter disciplinary way of the program is particularly appealing to me as it will give me a much more extensive, down to earth comprehension of all major concepts. In addition, the refined educational infrastructure coupled with the alignment of the program with the industry would be the right platform for me to ameliorate my skills.

Moreover, Canada is known to the cathedral of quality education. I am absolutely thrilled about the prospect of studying in a safe country with a high quality of life and embracing a diverse and cosmopolitan environment. Since I plan on returning to India after my post-graduation, I sincerely believe that I would have an edge over many aspiring graduates. It is vital for me to contemplate in a universal domain far from home and pursuing my post graduate in one of the most renowned colleges in Canada will absolutely be a huge milestone in my life.