The essay is a small prosaic work with a free composition, which expresses personal thoughts and impressions of the author on a specific issue or occasion. The essay does not seek to give an exhaustive interpretation of the subject matter, it expresses the author’s personal opinion.

Essay’s plan and structure

The structure of an essay determines the requirements for its writing:

The author’s thoughts on the stated question are made out in the form of small theses.
Each thought should be supported by evidence in the form of arguments following the thesis.
As arguments are the phenomena of public life, facts and events, own life experience, references to the opinion of scientists and authoritative personalities, scientific evidence. In order not to “overload” a brief presentation, the optimal number of arguments for each thesis is two.

In order to write an essay by all the rules, the following important points must also be taken into account:

The introduction and the final part of the essay should focus on the problem.
To achieve the integrity of the work, paragraphs are highlighted, red lines, and a logical link of paragraphs is established.
The essay may express the emotionality of the author, his expressive evaluation, and artistic quality. This effect is achieved through the use of simple, short and varied in intonation sentences, as well as the skilful use of dashes.
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Essay writing rules

  • Formal rules include only one thing the writing of the title.
  • An essay may have an arbitrary internal structure, the final conclusions may be included in the title or the body text.
  • Arguments may be placed before the formulation of the question or problem.
  • The wording itself may coincide with the final conclusion.
  • The essay is a kind of rejoinder addressed to an already prepared listener who will give an outline of what is to be discussed.

In this way, the author can concentrate on revealing new facts without burdening the presentation with service details.
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TOP mistakes in essay writing

There is no time limit for writing an essay, you can do the work several times, remaking it if you don’t like something. To get the final result as good as possible, try not to make common mistakes:

Carelessly check the work. It is not enough to check only spelling and punctuation. Reread your own essay and make sure that there are no unsuccessful turns, ambiguous expressions.
Insufficient detail, long and tedious introductions. An interesting essay can lose out in that it lists statements that are not supported by examples.

Excessive number of words. The volume of the essay is limited to a specific number of words, so the available volume should be managed reasonably. In some cases, the details of a fact may be omitted, especially if they are not directly relevant. The reader should not be distracted from the main topic of the essay.

The essay gives the analysis of the read literature, generalizes the facts stated in the source, at its writing distortion of available information is not allowed. In the essay, the author must express his own point of view, while in the presentation of facts and arguments, no one limits it. Overly long phrases, “overloading” the essay with terms and definitions. Long sentences with many turns do not prove the author’s point of view; in most cases, they distract the reader from the problem and lead him aside. Qualitatively written work that does not contain the above errors is a guarantee of achieving your goal. In addition to personal participation in the work on the text, an essay order can help in this situation.